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The Splorg Story

Henry tapped the steering wheel, and fiddled with the stereo as he waited for the light to turn green. Eventually the light did turn green, and he put down the steering wheel he was holding for no particular reason and extracted his now-ready jaffle from the jaffle iron.

The jaffle wasn't for lunch. It was really more of a lunch-brunch inbetween he had invented to shift brunch forward an hour or so, to avoid the brunch rush. Not that there really was much of a brunch rush at his house, since he was the only person who lived there, but he felt it was good to be prepared for all eventualities.

He ate the jaffle, carefully extracting any Lego pieces he found. He made a mental note to stop putting Lego bricks in the jam, for real this time. It was a promise he immediately knew he would break.

Having finished eating, Henry put on his coat to go to the supermarket to buy eggs. It was a coat of paint on his jacket, which he liked to periodically transform to different colours. He estimated that he has another two months until the daily coats of paint made the jacket so heavy as to impede his daily egg runs, but for now his only problem was avoiding spilling turps in the cat's bowl as he cleaned the paintbrushes over the cat's bowl.

Closing the windows to avoid burglaries, he decided that would make the house musty so he left the door open to let air flow through. He went to the supermarket and bought fifty eggs. I forgot to mention before, the eggs were for his daily eggbath which he believed would ward off evil merkin salesmen. Later he ate a sandwich.

An excited otter running away from a typewriter, celebrating the completion of his story

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